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New tool prevents conflict between wildlife and renewable energy. Here’s how
For the first time in Canada, renewable resource potential and conservation concerns assessed side by side.

Climate change by the numbers
Over the next two weeks, leaders of 195 countries will meet in Paris at COP21 to negotiate a new global agreement on climate change. Here's what you need to know.

Four things you can do for the Arctic during Polar Bear Week
Consider these four fun ways that YOU can support the Arctic.

Earth Hour Shines Light on Climate Change Solutions
We can summon the intelligence, the compassion, and the ingenuity of the human species to address the harm we have already caused, and to actively put ourselves—and all of nature—on a better path. What will it take? First and foremost, the belief that we can do this and the will to actually do it.

Earth Hour City Challenge: Working Smart and Working Together for a Greener Planet
Sustainability isn’t always easy. Sometimes, creative thinking is needed to figure out ways to decrease the negative environmental impact of our actions. One the best ways cities around Canada can do that is by involving their citizens in planning.