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If you build it smarter, they will come
Part two of the National Sweater Day blog series: Three practical Canadian solutions for saving energy and the climate.

How are we doing? – The Transportation rEVolution status report
One year into our Transportation rEVolution, it’s time to pop the hood and see how we’re doing.

The road to 600,000 electric vehicles
A year ago, WWF launched a nation-wide campaign to see 600,000 electric vehicles on Canadian roads by 2020. Ambitious? Sure. Fraught with challenges? No doubt. Doable? Oh yeah.

“Climate Savers” lead the way at annual workshop
International businesses meet to discuss what they are doing to lead the charge in lowering their carbon footprint.

A green grid that’s smart
Imagine this headline: Canada’s Green Energy Poised to Power the World. It isn’t a utopian dream. It’s an attainable solution. The technology that will enable it is here, now, in the form of next-generation “smart” electricity grids.