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No oil and gas in marine protected areas is a big win for whales
Fragile marine ecosystems in Canada will finally get the protection they need.

Canada’s federal budget can be a wild success
To truly conquer the decline of wildlife, we need more than a cash infusion. We need to revolutionize our approach to conservation. 

Record low Arctic sea ice a concern for all Canadians
Winter sea ice in the Arctic has hit a new record low this year, according to information released today from the American-based NSIDC.

Earth Hour City Challenge: Working Smart and Working Together for a Greener Planet
Sustainability isn’t always easy. Sometimes, creative thinking is needed to figure out ways to decrease the negative environmental impact of our actions. One the best ways cities around Canada can do that is by involving their citizens in planning.

Canadian man convicted of trafficking in narwhal tusks
Yesterday, an individual was convicted of smuggling some 250 narwhal tusks from Canada to the U.S. and was handed the most severe penalty in Canadian history for wildlife trafficking. Ernie Cooper, WWF-Canada’s Director of Wildlife Trade, gives his perspective on the importance of this case and why governments around the world should do more to address these crimes.