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What can I do to fix climate change?
There are two big challenges when dealing with climate change. Firstly, we all share the same atmosphere, and secondly you can’t negotiate with physics.

Seize Your Power – Sign the pledge
WWF is launching a major global campaign to increase worldwide investment in renewable energy by $40 billion in the next 12 months. To succeed, we need your help.

We applaud BC’s Strong Stand on the Northern Gateway Pipeline!
This is a strong act of leadership by the B.C. government. It’s also a testament to the people of British Columbia who made sure their leaders heard their voice on this issue.

Canadians for the Great Bear send open letter to Premier Christy Clark
Premier Clark, your strong position that the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project cannot be approved by your government is an important step towards securing a healthy future for the Great Bear. We urge you now to formalize this position in the Province’s closing statements to the Joint Review Panel.

What should we do about Canada’s Species At Risk Act? Let the sunshine in.
Humans respond better to incentives than they do to coercion. It’s a lesson those of us concerned about the future of Canada’s species at risk should take to heart.