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Green gift guide: 2011 edition
Snow or no, once I start seeing ridiculous news about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I start thinking about holiday gifts. But what I hear from my friends and family is that they don’t need any “stuff.”

Better late than never? Last-minute green gift ideas
I'll chalk it up to my encroaching old age: December really snuck up on me this year! But as I scramble to make my list and check it twice in the final few days before the holidays, I can at least take comfort in knowing I'm not alone. Don't panic, fellow last-minute shoppers - it's not too late to find the perfect, green gift.

Make your holidays green
A few suggestions to help make your holidays as light on the planet as possible.

Green gift guide
More than ever, Canadians are looking for sustainable, meaningful gifts for their friends and families. You've got lots of options this holiday season. So good riddance to Black Friday - let's make this a "Green Gift Monday" to remember!