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Clowning around in an electric car with comedian Mark McKinney
The second of the "First Dates with David Miller" includes Canadian icon Mark McKinney and WWF-Canada president and CEO, David Miller driving around the city in an electric car visiting some favorite spots such as Grange Park, Kensington Market, and Exhibition Place’s wind turbine.

Kids artwork for the 23rd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb
This week, more than 5000 people will climb the CN Tower to raise money for WWF. To motivate our climbers, kids from schools across Ontario have submitted artwork that will be hung on each floor. Here's a sample of the awesome artwork we received!

How would you explain “zero emissions” to a kid?
Electric vehicle owner and Auto journalist Michael Bettencourt tells his version.

Global youth taking impressive Earth Hour action
Kids, teenagers and young adults around the world are demonstrating impressive Earth Hour leadership, paving the way to a sustainable future.