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Apex predators in the Arctic Ocean: can there only be one?
For thousands of years, polar bears have reigned as the top predator in the Arctic marine regions. But as the Arctic summer periods of sea- ice-free conditions are getting steadily longer, a new predator has come to town: the killer whale.

Introducing…Polar Bear Week!
Join us for Polar Bear Week: February 24-28 That’s right, an entire week dedicated to one of our favourite, most iconic species: the polar bear.

Whales of the Great Bear Sea
The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline would bring as many as 220 supersized oil tankers into the waters that is home to these whales.

Arctic killer whale movements update
For the past eight weeks, WWF-Canada has been tracking a killer whale pod as they head south from the Canadian Arctic.

Killer Whale Tracker: They’re really on the move now!!
As fall descends on the Arctic, WWF-Canada continues to track a killer whale pod as they head south for the winter. They've picked up speed and are showing no signs of slowing down!