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Arctic treasure gets a closeup. Here’s how to see it
New interactive map brings footage and data together to highlight the need to properly protect this natural treasure.

Why WWF-Canada is in court to protect a vital Arctic habitat
WWF-Canada is taking legal action to quash Arctic oil and gas exploration permits that continue to obstruct conservation efforts in Lancaster Sound.

Threat to polar bears told in six significant numbers
Here’s some facts on the status of polar bears today, and why action to reverse climate change is so important for this species.

The coolest week of the year celebrates the polar bear
Visit our blog, Facebook and Instagram to get an in-depth look at the work WWF and partners are doing to keep polar bear populations going strong.

On the Edge of Life: filming with National Geographic on Lancaster Sound
In June WWF-Canada expert Pete Ewins took part in a field camp on Lancaster Sound with WWF’s partner the National Geographic Society.