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Linda’s Legacy: Protecting nature for her Grandchildren
Valerie Robertson spoke with us about her late mother Linda and her legacy. A generous gift through her RRSPs will help WWF protect nature for future generations, including her children and grandchildren. Read on to learn more about her legacy and an exclusive WWF event happening on September 23rd in Kleinburg, ON.

Leave a Legacy Month: Love for nature that still shines bright
One of the best parts of my job is meeting WWF’s most committed supporters. Just in time for Leave a Legacy Month, I spoke with Dieter Menzel about his passion for wilderness, ignited by his late wife, Oivi, and why he has chosen to remember WWF with a gift in his Will.

Leave a Legacy Month: Reflect on family and join us for an exclusive event
May is Leave a Legacy Month—a special time I always use to reflect on family. Read on to find out why, and to learn about an exclusive WWF event and other events happening across the country.