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Canada’s Dirty Dozen: These 12 items don’t belong on our shores
What a waste! We're unveiling the 12 most popular items collected in Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup events.

It’s a Wrap: Shoreline Cleanup 2012 Numbers are in!
If you participated in this year’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup spring or fall cleanups, you probably know that each year, the top 12 litter items, called the Dirty Dozen, are calculated and tallied at the end of each year. This helps us to know which litter items are the most pervasive and problematic on Canada’s shorelines.

Tell Me Tuesday: What do you do about litter?
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been completely shocked by the amount of litter on the ground.

Pollution reduction – One bag at a time
In 2011, over 75,000 plastic bags were removed from shorelines across the country as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Over 25,000 of these were in Ontario alone.

Tell Me Tuesday: Plastic spoon society
I’ve been thinking a lot about plastic bags and spoons lately. Well, about plastic bags and spoons as symbols of our disposable culture, actually, and how much waste our society creates.