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How an app is making the prairies safer for pronghorn
Protecting one of North America's last remaining large mammal migrations with citizen science and a WWF Go Wild Community Grant.

Arctic beluga whales facing multiple challenges brought on by climate change
As with many Arctic sea ice dependent species, beluga whales are affected by the loss of sea ice caused by climate change.

Bird Migration: Helping our Feathered Friends
Did you know that cities and buildings pose a threat to birds during this time of year? We can all do our part to help make this migration season a safe one for these tiny creatures.

Monarch butterfly population recovering but still lowest in years
A recent survey shows a 69% increase in area occupied by monarch butterflies, but this is the second smallest area since 1993. WWF calls on leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States in the protection of monarch butterfly migration.

Finding Yoda – Part 4
Where does Yoda spend his winter? Janie, director at the Cetacea Lab, does some whale detective work and makes a surprising discovery along the way.