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Clean power for Earth Hour—and the rest of the year!
To help get the word out about this year’s Earth Hour, Bullfrog Power is partnering with Ivanhoé Cambridge, one of Canada’s largest supporters of green energy.

Earth Hour 2014: Seven things to do in the dark
Here’s a few fun ways you can celebrate Earth Hour on March 29th with your family and friends

Earth Hour: Choosing a Better Future
As Earth Hour approaches (March 29, 8:30-9:30 p.m.), it’s time to think about the future we want.

Renewable is more than doable: it’s being done
It’s easy to feel defeated by the scope of climate change and its impacts, but good news about progress on solutions is all around us.

Thinking of Earth Hour
Save the date! Earth Hour is coming up on March 29th, 2014!