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New troubles for monarchs and how you can help
The butterfly is continuing to lose ground in Mexico’s forests, but you can help monarchs rebound this spring by making the right choices for your garden.

Monarchs find a niche in the concrete jungle
This summer, WWF offers guided walks along Toronto's downtown waterfront to show you how the city is reconnecting to nature. One walker was surprised to spot some special visitors on the walk: monarch butterflies.

Go Wild with WWF-Canada Staff!
WWF-Canada staff share their best ideas for getting people to both enjoy nature in their community and take action for conservation.

Monarch butterfly population recovering but still lowest in years
A recent survey shows a 69% increase in area occupied by monarch butterflies, but this is the second smallest area since 1993. WWF calls on leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States in the protection of monarch butterfly migration.

Wild about Butterflies
WWF’s new resource for Grade 6 teachers, “Wild about Butterflies,” engages students in citizen science projects and provides helpful tips for building monarch waystations at schools.