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Newfoundland cod achieves sustainability milestone. Here’s how.
Marine Stewardship Council certifies southern Newfoundland cod as sustainable after population growth and rebuilding measures implemented.

WWF chooses MSC and you should, too!
Choosing the blue MSC logo when you buy seafood leads to healthier oceans.

Meet our new oceans heroes
You don’t have to do much to have a big impact on the health of our fish stocks.

Near impossible…but not in Newfoundland!
Newfoundland’s only commercial cod fishery is back on the map following an announcement that it has entered full assessment against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard, the world’s best for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

Fish Friday: “Our Fisheries, Our Future”
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an ecolabel for wild-caught seafood that WWF enthusiastically endorses, recently released a short film explaining how the standard works and the role we all play in keeping the world’s oceans healthy.