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Welcome to Narwhal Camp
WWF biologists at Narwhal Camp in Canada’s Arctic share observations from the field where, along with Department of Fisheries and Oceans researchers and others, they are gathering data about the mysterious tusked whales .

10 gifts kids go wild for
WWF-Canada’s holiday gift guide to protecting the wildlife kids love.

Narwhals on the move
Narwhal are the stuff of legends and myths. But the threats they face are very real. Check out WWF’s tracking data to chart their migratory journey.

The Sound on The Hill: ‘Father of Nunavut’ and WWF bring the Arctic to Ottawa
WWF-Canada and the All Party Ocean Caucus hosted an ‘Oceans on the Hill’ event to draw attention to Lancaster Sound – a critical marine area in Canada’s eastern Arctic in need of federal protection.

Canada has a critical opportunity to protect healthy Arctic homeland
With Lancaster Sound, Canada has an opportunity to protect a homeland. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to this region, and to the people and nature who have thrived there in harmony for thousands of years.