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Making some noise to have whales heard
Searching for silence – and solutions – in the Salish Sea for orcas

Listen to the canaries of the sea
Communication is key to the canary of the sea, so let’s dive in and try to understand the noises of a beluga whale.

Finding Yoda – Part 3
Today we find Yoda in the company of humpbacks who sing their mysterious songs in the quiet ocean waters of B.C.'s north coast. WWF is working with Cetacea Lab on an exciting new hydrophone project – the first of its kind in Canada – to understand how noise from increased shipping traffic could affect whale habitat.

Extremely loud and incredibly close: seismic tests in Atlantic Canada will hurt endangered whales 
The Sable Gully celebrates its 10th Anniversary as a Marine Protected Area in May 2014. But this safe haven could soon be under threat by loud seismic exploration for oil and gas, blasting away years of efforts to protect one of Canada’s most incredible undersea environments.

How Canada can protect the world’s whales
Whales in Canada’s waters are at risk of being drowned out by escalating levels of ocean noise from shipping, navy sonar, shoreline construction, and seismic exploration. But this need not be the case.