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Drilling possible in critical Saint Lawrence Beluga habitat
New oil and gas development could put the beluga whales of the St. Lawrence River at risk

Virunga: a battle won…?
As WWF’s Country Director for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Raymond Lumbuenamo is closer than many to the events playing out in Virunga – Africa’s oldest national park. At a crucial time for the park’s future and the people who rely on it, here is what Raymond had to say…

Offshore Arctic drilling? Not so fast!
A coalition of oil companies wants to drill in the deep waters of Canada’s Beaufort Sea, but regulators are putting safety first

WWF says no to Northern Gateway at public hearings in Vancouver
Today I am speaking to the three members of the Joint Review Panel (JRP) for the Enbridge Northern Gateway project at a public hearing in Vancouver to explain why we oppose the project. It’s clear to us: the risks outweigh the benefits. The Great Bear is not the place for oil tankers or oil pipelines. We strongly believe that the project is not in the public interest and should not be approved.