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Reflecting on the Health of Canada’s Waters: Bugs
By looking at bug communities in our water we can learn about its health. After assessing 25% of Canada’s water, we know we need more data.

Turtle Tuesdays: Turtle Conservation Across Borders
WWF’s former Chairman of the Board, Patricia Koval, shares with us where her love for turtles comes from and what she is doing to help turtles around the world.

Turtle Tuesdays: 14 facts you may not know about turtles
Long-living, slow but steady, the freshwater turtle usually wins the race as one of our favourite species. What better time to bone up on turtle facts than WWF’s People and Water Month?

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to….see?
Evergreen, one of our Loblaw Water Fund recipients, shares with us the vital work they are doing to restore urban creeks in Vancouver and Toronto.

Looking for answers in the Rivers of the Great Slave Basin
The recent assessment of the rivers of the Great Slave Basin found that there was not enough data available to evaluate its health.