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Poachers still threaten protected tigers. Here’s how you can stop them
This Endangered Species Day take a closer look at what WWF-Canada is doing to protect the endangered tiger, and how you can help.

The most meaningful cat video you’ll watch this week: First footage of wild tigers in China
Frolicking family video shows China’s tiger population roaring back.

How Nepal got to zero poaching
Nepal has been able to achieve 365 days without any rhinos, tigers or elephants poached. Twice. In 2011 and 2014. WWF takes a closer look at what Nepal can teach the world about how to get to zero poaching.

WWF holiday adoption gift guide: Introducing the wildlife ranger hero doll!
This holiday season, WWF is introducing frontline hero dolls for you to adopt and take home. Let’s meet the wildlife ranger!

World leaders gather in London to tackle illegal wildlife trade
On February 12-13, heads and ministers of around 50 governments from around the world will meet at the London Conference to agree how to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.