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How we helped bring elusive narwhal to your screen
Our Arctic species specialist explains what it took to film narwhal for Our Planet.

Curious seal, ancient sharks arrive at Narwhal Camp
Though we refer to it affectionately as Narwhal Camp, the research project underway in Tremblay Sound, Nunavut, encompasses so much more. In addition to using advanced technology to uncover narwhal secrets, the research team is also gathering crucial data on seabirds, Greenland sharks, ringed seals and more.

Lessons from a polar bear paw print
What can we learn from a polar bear paw print in the snow? WWF-supported research has now successfully extracted DNA from a polar bear track

Polar bears of the Last Ice Area: Kane Basin Subpopulation
Exploring Kane Basin – home to Canada’s most northerly polar bears – to learn more about this remote subpopulation and its habitat