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New framework for the Athabasca River falls short
Alberta’s Athabasca River is one of North America’s longest remaining free-flowing rivers. The Alberta government announced a long-awaited policy intended to improve river management of the lower Athabasca.Unfortunately for the Athabasca, its wildlife, communities and ecosystems, this new framework falls short.

2014 Living Waters Rally – Organizing for Impact!
Water leaders gather from across Canada at this weekend’s Living Waters Rally to organize for impact!

St. John River Summit 2014 a success!
The St. John River Summit 2014 provided a valuable opportunity for a diversity of actors and the public to experience, learn, share and discuss the river and its health.

Loblaw Water Fund: Together at the Humber River
On Canadian Rivers Day, I joined my neighbours to learn more about Toronto’s largest watershed, the Humber, thanks to the Loblaw Water Fund.

Congratulations to the Province of B.C.! Long May the Rivers Run
A new law for a modern B.C. The province’s Water Sustainability Act sets new rules to better manage our most valuable resource.