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For the love of salmon
Using sweat and muscle to rebuild salmon spawning grounds on Canada's west coast, supported by WWF's Restoration Fund

Smile, salmon – you’re on candid camera. Across Canada, freshwater protection is in high gear
WWF’s Loblaw Water Fund supports organizations protecting freshwater and wildlife across the country.

Salmon: an iconic species under threat
Salmon have huge cultural and economic significance to Canadians, yet our country’s salmon populations are in trouble. Here are some of the biggest threats facing salmon and what WWF-Canada is doing to help.

BC salmon facing hotter, drier rivers
British Columbians are facing increased water restrictions as abnormally hot and dry weather continues across the province. But people aren’t the only ones impacted by these uncomfortable conditions: salmon in the Columbia and Fraser rivers are also bearing the brunt of the blistering climate.

Did you know? 10 Amazing things about salmon
During Canada Water Week, get to know your Water Hero Species – Canada’s iconic salmon can battle strong currents, have an astonishing sense of smell and can even change colour. Talk about a superhero!