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I got 99 problems and dumping is one

Time is running out for Salish Sea orcas
The orcas of the Salish Sea remain in a precarious position. Southern Resident Killer Whales, as they are known, now number just 78 after 12 months of high mortality.

Solutions exist for Chesterfield Inlet’s marine life concerns
The community of Chesterfield Inlet has been voicing concerns about shipping and its impacts on marine life. It's time for us to listen.

Baffinland decision shows Nunavut resource development regulatory system is doing its job
The Nunavut Planning Commission has decided Baffinland’s proposal to ship 10 months of the year does not comply with the North Baffin Regional Land Use Plan.

Underwater Noise: WWF-Canada goes Green Tech
Noise from shipping traffic is increasingly making the world’s oceans louder.