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Adding it all up
WWF is assessing the overall impact of development in the Skeena region to ensure the long-term health of the ecosystems and species.

Liquid Natural Gas terminals and Skeena River salmon are a bad mix
The Skeena Estuary is also smack dab in the middle of BC’s development boom, with two of BC’s proposed 14 liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants slated for construction there.

From whales to eagles and trees: everything is connected in the Skeena River Estuary
Without healthy estuaries, the systems they support – ecological, economic, and cultural, will collapse.

Enhancing the Power to Protect Through Developing Knowledge
As we look towards a future of clean water and healthy salmon we must seek to learn more about the river that represents the lifeblood of our region.

Putting It Together: Creating WWF’s Freshwater Health Assessment
Everything you've ever wanted to know about how WWF created the Freshwater Health Assessment