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Fish get lost, and that’s a concern. Here’s why.
A fragmented aquatic ecosystem can lead to an unhealthy aquatic ecosystem.

St. John River Summit finds community connections key to river health
The St. John River Summit 2015 provided a valuable opportunity for the public and stakeholders to experience, learn, share and discuss the collective health of the river, harbour and bay in this industrious watershed.

St. John River assessed in new Watershed Reports
New watershed report found the St. John – St. Croix watershed to experience a “high” level of threats.

The health of New Brunswick’s freshwater lakes and rivers can benefit from new report
Adopting the ELOHA environmental flows model is a step in the right direction for New Brunswick’s freshwater resources and the natural and human communities that rely on them.

Canada Water Week: Celebrating water heroes and saving homes for sturgeon
Sturgeons: Ancient, prehistoric-looking and long-living. They first showed up on Earth approximately 250-million years ago. There are 27 species in the world, one of them can be found in New Brunswick’s St. John River basin.