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Works of Art at the 24th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb
This week, more than 5000 people will climb the CN Tower to raise money for WWF. To motivate our climbers, kids from schools across Ontario have submitted artwork that will be hung on each floor.

Why I Climb for WWF: Fourth time’s a charm!
On May 03, 2014, Minnie will climb the CN Tower for the fourth time to support WWF. See her at the top!

Seneca students create Panda-Monium for the CN Tower Climb!
Charlene Penney and Torey Kehoe are the team captains of Seneca’s Panda-Monium Climb team. Over the past several weeks, they’ve promoted and recruited their fellow students to join them as they climb to the top of the 24th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb on May 1 in support of WWF.

Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School: Canadians for the Great Bear
Students at Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School are urging their peers and Canadians to say no to oil pipelines and tankers in the Great Bear.

More than a cleanup: a change in perspective
Students on Ice alum Neria Aylward returned home with a desire to make a difference. This past September, her high school eco-club teamed up with two others for a Shoreline Cleanup – and all three clubs are looking forward to more collaborative projects this school year!