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Canada Water Week: Celebrating water heroes and saving homes for sturgeon
Sturgeons: Ancient, prehistoric-looking and long-living. They first showed up on Earth approximately 250-million years ago. There are 27 species in the world, one of them can be found in New Brunswick’s St. John River basin.

Canada Water Week: Five freshwater species that need healthy waters
Fascinating creatures dwell in Canada’s lakes, rivers, and streams. During Canada Water Week, get to know 5 freshwater animals that live below the surface or along the shoreline.

Forgotten Giants of the Nechako River
An artificial flow pattern has been created in the Nechako that is designed mainly to accommodate sockeye salmon as they travel up the Nechako before turning into the Stuart River to spawn. No consideration has been given to the Nechako white sturgeon or to the health of the Nechako River ecosystem as a whole.

Sturgeon status, from the Danube to the Fraser
Healthy sturgeon require healthy waters.

A week of work I hoped would never end
Have you ever had one of those weeks at work you hoped would never end? I recently did. But of course it’s not every week I get to join researchers on a week-long expedition angling, tagging, and collecting data on Canada’s largest freshwater fish, the Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens).