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Earth Hour City Challenge: Getting Around Green
Did you know that transportation accounts for nearly a quarter of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions? Did you also know that Canadians can work together with their cities and towns to reduce that number?

Finding the most efficient way to get from point A to B
Part three of the National Sweater Day blog series: Three practical Canadian solutions for saving energy and the climate.

FleetCarma’s Electric Vehicle Champion Challenge: A competition turned community
Different lifestyles and vehicles demonstrate that EVs can work for just about anyone.

Let’s get Toronto (and area) transit back on track
While new Toronto transit fees are tough to swallow, hopefully we all agree that the prospect of transit expansion and improvement makes them worth it. Pledge your support by May 27!

Spotlight: Loblaw’s Ride and Drive summer event
Earlier this summer, one of Loblaw’s corporate offices hosted an interactive Ride and Drive event to give staff the chance to test-drive some of the newest, coolest, fuel-efficient vehicles on the market.