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U.S. unveils a National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking as World Leaders Gather
Yesterday, almost in prelude, the White House unveiled its first-ever National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking. This strategy was developed by the Presidential Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking. Both WWF and TRAFFIC sit on this council.

Canadian man convicted of trafficking in narwhal tusks
Yesterday, an individual was convicted of smuggling some 250 narwhal tusks from Canada to the U.S. and was handed the most severe penalty in Canadian history for wildlife trafficking. Ernie Cooper, WWF-Canada’s Director of Wildlife Trade, gives his perspective on the importance of this case and why governments around the world should do more to address these crimes.

Breaking news: Royal Thai Police seize live elephants in clampdown on illegal trade
The Royal Thai Police have seized more than a dozen unregistered and illegally registered elephants from camps in three provinces in the south of Thailand as part of sweeping investigations into live elephant smuggling.

Coral Trafficking: Little did I know, I might be an illegal wildlife trader. Are you?
Little did I know that I quite possibly have engaged in illegal wildlife trade and didn’t even know I was doing so. Have you?

Field reports indicate slaughter of elephants, conservation staff evacuated
The world learned more terrible news about elephants again last week: more forest elephants are being slaughtered near the Dzanga-Sangha area.