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On your next holiday, help stop the trade that kills
You have a chance to stop or support an illegal trade that is responsible for killing thousands of endangered animals each year.

Save Africa’s elephants: Help ban the Thai ivory trade
Every day in the savannas and forests of Africa, elephants are being gunned down for their ivory tusks. Across the continent, tens of thousands of these majestic animals are being slaughtered each year. In many places the species has already been poached to extinction. If we don’t act now there may be no wild elephants left.

Elephant poaching and ivory trade on the rise
An estimated 4,000 to 12,000 are killed each year for their tusks. In Egypt, failure in law enforcement and new buyers fuel that country's illegal ivory market.

50 Stories: Stopping poaching
For all their strength and cunning, animals like tigers, rhinos, elephants and gorillas are no match for a poacher's rifle.

50 Stories: Tigers – why we need a roaring success
The idea of a world with no tigers is unthinkable. But it’s now perilously close to reality.