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Turtle Tuesdays: Turtle Conservation Across Borders
WWF’s former Chairman of the Board, Patricia Koval, shares with us where her love for turtles comes from and what she is doing to help turtles around the world.

Turtle Tuesdays: 14 facts you may not know about turtles
Long-living, slow but steady, the freshwater turtle usually wins the race as one of our favourite species. What better time to bone up on turtle facts than WWF’s People and Water Month?

Turtle Tuesdays: A unique Canadian Turtle Species
The road to recovery for Ontario's spiny softshell is not an easy one, but the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority is working hard to ensure the species' survival along the Thames River.

Turtle Tuesdays: Meet Britney, the feisty Wood Turtle
One of our Loblaw Water Fund recipients, Courtney Smith of the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance, shares her excitement at finding a Wood Turtle in New Brunswick.

Turtle Tuesdays: Why Turtles Need Healthy Waters
Turtles are one of the most endangered groups of animals on the planet – and they rely on healthy waters to survive and thrive.