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Five at-risk freshwater turtle species
Despite turtles’ tough shells, modern threats such as busy roadways and habitat destruction have put these prehistoric creatures in jeopardy.

Loblaw Water Fund grantees announced for 2015
Congratulations to all of this year’s Loblaw Water Fund recipients!

Canada Water Week: Saving turtles in the Thames
The road to recovery for Ontario's spiny softshell turtle is a rocky one, but their lives just got a little easier thanks to the heroic efforts of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

Canada Water Week: Five freshwater species that need healthy waters
Fascinating creatures dwell in Canada’s lakes, rivers, and streams. During Canada Water Week, get to know 5 freshwater animals that live below the surface or along the shoreline.

Turtle Tuesdays: Turtle Conservation Across Borders
WWF’s former Chairman of the Board, Patricia Koval, shares with us where her love for turtles comes from and what she is doing to help turtles around the world.