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Workin’ for the panda… at VIFF
I took an unexpected break from workin' for the panda this summer after a nasty bicycle accident. I didn't enjoy having a broken arm, but I was definitely grateful to be alive (side note: wear your helmet!) and had plenty of time to reflect on what matters to me.

VIFF: Heaven and Earth
Midway through VIFF, there are still some great premieres of enviro films ahead in the Heaven and Earth series.

VIFF: Burning Ice
Regular readers of this blog will know that I went on a journey to the Arctic this summer with Students on Ice. Together with a group of high school students, scientists, artists and educators, we witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change on the places and people of the North.

VIFF: Journey on the Wild Coast
Each day at VIFF has brought new friends, new moments of inspiration, and new excitement. But I've been most looking forward to today (and especially tonight!).

VIFF: It’s the Earth, not the Moon
The Great Bear Sea and islands. Like the volcanic Portuguese island of Corvo, the subject of It’s the Earth, not the Moon, one of the environmental feature in this year’s VIFF, the Great Bear Sea is a place of mystery, of old superstitions and fantastic natural scenery