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VIFF: Eider ducks and salmon forests
Watching People of a Feather last night in a packed cinema made me think of the similarities between the Inuit’s reliance on eider ducks and First Nations’ reliance on salmon here in BC. In both places, the species are at the centre of the ecosystem, and of a way of life.

VIFF: There Once was an Island
"For a lot of people in the developed world, climate change is something that's going to happen. In places in the developing world, it's very much a reality already."

Rivers, power and people
A common theme runs through a number of this year’s VIFF films: the relationship between people, their rivers, and the thirst for more hydroelectric.

VIFF: Ticket giveaways
This week, the panda is rubbing elbows with film buffs from around the world at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). And we want you to do the same! Read on for your chance to win tickets daily.

VIFF: Waking the Green Tiger
One of the coolest things about being in Vancouver for the film festival is that I get to meet some of the people behind the films. On opening night, I met Gary Marcuse, director of Waking the Green Tiger, and I was immediately charmed by his passion for both storytelling and for the environment. Yesterday, we had a quick moment between screenings to chat about his film, which has its world premiere today.