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Life. Nature. You. Make the connection.
Video is becoming more and more popular as a form of communication.

New animated video: The Lonely Salmon
Saving the planet is serious work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you do it.

Time for world leaders to get serious about climate change
Government leaders and their representatives arriving this week in Durban, South Africa for the United Nations' climate change talks have a clear choice:

Planet in Focus: Up in Smoke
I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Wakeling after the screening of Darwin at PIF. "Is it true it only costs one U.S. dollar per tree?" I asked as we stood half shivering in the cold October air outside of the ROM. "Yeah, pretty much. It's crazy really."

VIFF: Inspiring people to live in harmony with nature
WWF has loved supporting the environmental series at the 30th annual Vancouver International Film Festival – and not just because, for this brief time, we could call ourselves the official sponsor of Heaven and Earth.