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Curious seal, ancient sharks arrive at Narwhal Camp
Though we refer to it affectionately as Narwhal Camp, the research project underway in Tremblay Sound, Nunavut, encompasses so much more. In addition to using advanced technology to uncover narwhal secrets, the research team is also gathering crucial data on seabirds, Greenland sharks, ringed seals and more.

Arctic mammals and the big picture
A new paper published is the first to assess the state of the Arctic’s ice-dependent marine mammals – 11 in all.

Life in the Arctic as a walrus
The magnificent and mighty tusked walrus can be found around the Arctic. Let's learn more about this Arctic species and the threats they face.

Students on Ice: Thinking about the future…and walrus
WWF's Jessie Sitnick just returned from the Students on Ice's 2013 Arctic Expedition. Follow her stories from the voyage

Ain’t nothing wrong with being a walrus
Sometimes things get rough on the ice, and no one understands that better than a walrus. But we were delighted to hear that hockey fans / WWF supporters are taking the edge off heated remarks by keeping things light and supporting good causes at the same time.