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Earth Hour Tour: Cities Leading the Way
Barbara Daly, City of Edmonton, Office of Environment, shares what she believes is the one thing we need to do today to ensure a future where climate change is no longer a threat.

City of Surrey delivering on its commitment to a greener future
Surrey’s ‘Sustainability Charter’ is an exciting, realistic vision for how the city can become truly sustainable within 50 years.

Greening Edmonton
Mark Brostrom, director of Edmonton’s Office of the Environment, tells us being green isn’t easy; neither is understanding what citizens want their city to be when it grows up. But the two, he says, are closely linked, and a top priority for Edmonton as it moves toward an increasingly sustainable future.

Celebrating company champions: LoyaltyOne’s Debbie Baxter
In this series, people who are leading sustainability efforts within their organizations speak, in their own words, about the work they do. They let us in on the challenges and the milestones, and share their passion and vision for sustainability in the workplace and in the community.