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Looking for fair development in the Skeena Estuary
Fairness is central to managing what our rivers and people need, especially when they’re affected by what’s happening elsewhere

Congratulations to the Province of B.C.! Long May the Rivers Run
A new law for a modern B.C. The province’s Water Sustainability Act sets new rules to better manage our most valuable resource.

What do frogs, run of the river hydro and World Water Day have in common?
This year, World Water Day is all about water and energy. A fitting theme for Canada where salmon and run of river hydro impacts are a concern. But there’s another fascinating species at the heart of this story: the coastal tailed frog.

What a week for water!
It’s Canada Water Week – so join us in celebrating big steps forward for BC’s Water and learn some cool facts about the tailed frog along the way!

Will the proposed new law improve water protection in BC?
The B.C. government has released its proposal for new provincial water law. How does it measure up?