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Did you know? Five river facts to get you into the flow of Canadian Rivers Day
Celebrate the fascinating world of rivers on Canadian Rivers Day, Sunday, June 12.

Three questions kids had about freshwater
WWF-Canada shared the fascinating world of freshwater science at the Peel Children’s Water Festival

The missing link to healthy waters in Canada
Atlantic Canada has seen an incredible increase in the number of community-based water quality monitoring programs in the past decade. The challenge is to grow standardization and collaboration between organizations to feed into the big picture of healthy Canadian Waters.

St. Lawrence added to endangered rivers list. Here’s why
Plan to rehabilitate the river needs to be adopted by Canada and the United States

Meet the spineless bottom-dwellers key to water quality assessments
Benthic macro-invertebrates reveal a lot about the health of a freshwater system and play an important link in the aquatic food chain.