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Old Christmas trees give new life to Credit River
With help from a Loblaw Water Fund grant and donated Christmas trees, Credit Valley Conservation is bringing back brook trout.

For the love of salmon
Using sweat and muscle to rebuild salmon spawning grounds on Canada's west coast, supported by WWF's Restoration Fund

Growing up on the shores of the Saint-François River
My childhood on the shores of the Saint-François River in Windsor, in the magnificent region of Estrie

Celebrating a VERY special Water Hero on World Water Day
To celebrate World Water Day, we would like to highlight one of the most important water heroes there is: you!

Canada Water Week: Celebrating water heroes and saving homes for sturgeon
Sturgeons: Ancient, prehistoric-looking and long-living. They first showed up on Earth approximately 250-million years ago. There are 27 species in the world, one of them can be found in New Brunswick’s St. John River basin.