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Dramatic changes to our freshwater concerns, study finds
Canadians now rank climate change as the biggest threat to freshwater supply for the first time, 2016 RBC Canadian Water Attitudes study finds

WWF-Canada launches new watershed reports website
Now, for the first time, all Canadians have access to comprehensive and easy-to-understand information about the health of one of our most valuable resources: freshwater.

July 2015 Photo Contest: Watersheds
Your creativity behind the camera lens could win you bragging rights! Enter the WWF Photo Contest and your photo and name could be featured in next month’s e-newsletter.

The Water Brothers discuss Canada’s freshwater treasures
We caught up with Tyler and Alex Mifflin AKA The Water Brothers to talk watersheds and water health.

Ontario-Québec Create Joint Committee to Protect Shared Water Resources
Last week the Provinces of Ontario and Québec strengthened their dedication to the protection and restoration of our shared water resources with the creation of a joint Ontario-Québec Committee on Water Management.