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Happy trails: Canadians Go Wild for birds, bees and whales
Communities across Canada improve habitat, use citizen science to protect wildlife through Go Wild Community Grants. Apply before Nov. 24.

Five marine mothers and the incredible ways they care for their young
Underwater mothers face challenges and dangers we cannot imagine, including those posed by human activities such as pollution, habitat loss and underwater noise from shipping and development.

Five astonishing facts about Canada’s whale populations
With more than 30 species of whales roaming Canada’s waters, this country is prime whale-watching territory. And if you’re lucky enough to see one in the flesh, these astonishing facts will make them even more awe-inspiring.

Snoop dogs, beluga bromance and other fascinating facts for World Whale Day
February 13 is World Whale Day! To celebrate here are 10 things you might not have known about whales.