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Renewable is more than doable: it’s being done
It’s easy to feel defeated by the scope of climate change and its impacts, but good news about progress on solutions is all around us.

Four green energy actions you can take today!
World Environment Day (June 5) is here and it’s a great time to reflect on what you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. Here are 4 choices that you can make that will help get Canada on track to meeting all our needs from renewable energy!

Living Planet Community tip of the week: Use green power
Residents of many houses, apartments, or condos can sign up for green energy in less than 10 minutes, for less than $2 per day.

Action Alert: Wind power at risk in Ontario
On March 8th, a motion will be put forward for a moratorium on wind power to be debated in Ontario’s legislature. Please send a letter to your elected representative today to keep wind power in Ontario.

Cultivating growth in Canada’s ocean economy: Smart planning would lead to jobs and safeguards for the environment
It’s a fairly unconventional headline for an environmental group like WWF to write. Promoting growth is usually left up to industry or government. In this case WWF has gotten onto this particular bandwagon because we’ve found that the core principles, of what planners are calling Marine Spatial Planning, lead to ecosystem-friendly co-ordination of human activities at sea and smart, sustainable use of resources.