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If climate change is a shark, water is its teeth. Here’s why.
Freshwater ecosystems are among the most vulnerable when it comes to the effects of climate change. Under current projections, most freshwater ecosystems globally will face ecologically significant impacts by the middle of this century.

Climate change by the numbers
Over the next two weeks, leaders of 195 countries will meet in Paris at COP21 to negotiate a new global agreement on climate change. Here's what you need to know.

Polar bears and people among species most threatened by climate change: WWF report
Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our natural environment, and to address this challenge and safeguard the future for wildlife and for ourselves, we need to work together

Pope Francis: We have a Moral Imperative to Act on Climate Change
Pope Francis has made clear that climate change is more than an economic or technical issue. It is truly a moral issue, one that affects everyone.

Arctic beluga whales facing multiple challenges brought on by climate change
As with many Arctic sea ice dependent species, beluga whales are affected by the loss of sea ice caused by climate change.