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Now is the time: Speak up for BC’s water
With BC moving ahead with a new Water Sustainability Act, WWF is encouraging everyone who cares about water in the province to express their views with the Ministry of Environment.

Forgotten Giants of the Nechako River
An artificial flow pattern has been created in the Nechako that is designed mainly to accommodate sockeye salmon as they travel up the Nechako before turning into the Stuart River to spawn. No consideration has been given to the Nechako white sturgeon or to the health of the Nechako River ecosystem as a whole.

Putting It Together: Creating WWF’s Freshwater Health Assessment
Everything you've ever wanted to know about how WWF created the Freshwater Health Assessment

Assessing The Health Of Canada’s Water Wealth
WWF's Freshwater Health Assessment helps paint a picture of Canada's national water health

Climate Change in Your Backyard
Often, people think they don’t need to worry about climate change, because it seems from watching the news that the worst of it will hit people in far away countries. While this is certainly true, the other bad news is that climate change is coming to your backyard too.