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Are Canada’s marine protection plans at sea?
As other countries surge ahead with marine protection, Canada has a long way to go to meet its targets.

See Canada’s oceans as they’ve never been seen before
WWF-Canada launches a powerful new data-visualization tool to demonstrate what’s really going on in our oceans. It’s free online and can be easily customized.

Support for a Healthy Ocean
From the North Coast of BC, we’re helping build the blueprint to maintain healthy marine ecosystems that underpin the social, economic and culture values fundamental to human well-being.

Canada’s Tourism Industry Needs Marine Management and Protection
The stability and long term growth of BC’s marine tourism economy directly depends on protecting marine environments and ensuring they stay healthy into the future. Jobs and coastal economies stand to benefit when we choose to conserve some of the most iconic and unique marine habitats in BC and the world.

Northward Migration: Seeking whales and whale stories on B.C.’s north coast
Caitlin Birdsall is a biologist and educator specifically interested in citizen science. She has worked with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Cetacean Research Program since 2008 and recently relocated to Prince Rupert to head up the newly establish North Coast Field Office.