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What it will take to stop the trade
These flagship species are the litmus test of the environmental movement. We’re doing the best we can. But we need to do more.

Forest elephants, scientists and chance
The heavy rain in the morning prevented me from participating in a traditional BaAka hunt in Dzanga Sangha protected area, whereby long nets are deployed in the forests and animals, like porcupines and small antelopes, are flushed into them with drums and vocalizations. Instead, I spent the afternoon on the elevated observation platform at Dzanga-Baï, a vast forest clearing where elephants and other wildlife congregate to drink and to benefit from minerals dissolved in the water. This is arguably the best place in Africa to observe large numbers of forest elephants.

Save Africa’s elephants: Help ban the Thai ivory trade
Every day in the savannas and forests of Africa, elephants are being gunned down for their ivory tusks. Across the continent, tens of thousands of these majestic animals are being slaughtered each year. In many places the species has already been poached to extinction. If we don’t act now there may be no wild elephants left.