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The Water Brothers show how to make a difference at the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Find out why The Water Brothers participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup year after year.

WWF-Canada welcomes TVO’s The Water Brothers as Official Water Ambassadors
New conservation partnership will raise awareness of the importance of freshwater and marine health

The Water Brothers discuss Canada’s freshwater treasures
We caught up with Tyler and Alex Mifflin AKA The Water Brothers to talk watersheds and water health.

The Water Brothers Call on You to Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!
Canada is blessed when it comes to water. We hold about 20% of the world’s surface water supply, we border three oceans and have the world’s largest coastline. And with all these great resources, incredible landscapes and unique ecosystems, comes great responsibility to protect them.

World Oceans Day: my favourite memory
Alex Mifflin, co-host of TVO's 'The Water Brothers' tells us his favourite ocean memory on World Oceans Day.