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Nature-rich B.C. First Nation chooses partnership with WWF-Canada
Partnership will combine expertise of WWF-Canada with the traditional knowledge of the Gitga’at people to protect the land and water in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

MaPP: The long view across a great big sea
The Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) recognizes first and foremost that the health of the marine environment is the foundation for healthy communities and economies.

Finding the spirit of the Great Bear
Filmmakers Jeff and Sue Turner, along with daughter Chelsea and their son Logan, follow the trials and tribulations of a spirit bear mom and two cubs in the Great Bear Rainforest as she tries to find food for her family whilst keeping them safe.

No to Northern Gateway
Any day now, the Federal Government will make its decision on the Northern Gateway Pipeline. There is a strong chance that it will make this decision based on a deeply flawed report delivered by the Joint Review Panel.

Northern Gateway: Emissions and Omissions
Last December, the Joint Review Panel told the federal government the Northern Gateway Project is in the Public Interest. In June, the government will make its decision based, in part, on this recommendation. In a blog series this week, WWF examines the flaws in this process.