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Renewable is more than doable: it’s being done
It’s easy to feel defeated by the scope of climate change and its impacts, but good news about progress on solutions is all around us.

Four green energy actions you can take today!
World Environment Day (June 5) is here and it’s a great time to reflect on what you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. Here are 4 choices that you can make that will help get Canada on track to meeting all our needs from renewable energy!

Sun’s up, lights out- Earth Hour in the Arctic
The town of Inuvik, NWT is the ideal place to start an energy revolution! The community of 3,500 is located 2 degrees North of the Arctic circle. For 8 weeks each year during summer, the sun will not set, and has the potential to provide the community with an ample supply of clean energy- solar power.

Exploring green energy solutions: Ethanol
Bright and early one Friday morning in December, a group of us embarked on a three hour drive to visit an ethanol plant, a cellulosic ethanol research centre and farm in Southwestern Ontario.

Plenty of sunshine heading Ontario’s way
Today is a day to celebrate for a region in Canada that is leading the way on renewable energy in this country. Solar and wind are among the types of clean energy that are a huge part of the solution to climate change.